Better Than Booking Direct!

Booking with us is Better than Direct!

Did you know that in most instances it it better to use a travel agent to manage your booking rather than booking direct!

At Swansea Travel & Cruise we have an extensive list of travel wholesalers, easily accessible to us, so that we can attend to those special holiday arrangements for you.

It is true that most of these suppliers take bookings direct, either by telephone or website, however, we can take the hassle out of your booking when you allow us to make your travel arrangements.

Your favourite cruise line/tour company/car hire/rail journey wholesaler is bound to be on our list. Even if you’ve paid a deposit to the wholesaler, it’s not too late! We’re happy to advise you on how to transfer your booking to Swansea Travel & Cruise.

When you book with us you’ll realise that while the all-important bottom line – the $$$$’s – remains very much the same, your booking is then handled by our expert staff.

In fact, we may even be able to save you some dollars BUT with the bonus of local, personalised and experienced service, not to mention that we are always available to answer your questions. Give us a go and see for yourself!

Sue & Chris

Sue & Chris

Athabasca Glacier, Canada

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We know you work hard for your holidays, so we work hard to ensure that your holiday meets, and exceeds, your expectations.